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I am proud to announce that we are now "Teamed" with Mr. Paul Winston (Winston International Corporation). He designed and developed Land-Locked Floating Houses  in 1993.' Mr. Winston and I share the same determination and dreams.  We are not competitors, but partners joined together by GOD.'

Visit his website at:


Our "Floaters" are fully adaptable to be placed on land or in flood zone areas!

This is a concept that Priscilla Talley ( builder-designer) has worked on for years.

We build high quality Floating Homes to U.S. Coast Guard Codes

           We have developed a system years ago that would enable your home to rise up with the flood
waters - remain in place - then lower back down on it's foundation when the waters recede.  Our Anchor Systems not only enables your home to rise in flood water but we have also engineered it to help sustain your home from winds and high currents. We are also developing industrial Stabilizer bars that can be attached from your homes roofline to the ground below .  When you are informed of an oncoming flood, you can temporally attach them to your home for even further safety!  We also have a moisture proof barrier between the flooring system and the floatation system.  When your home rises we have invented a way to lock it in place until the waters recede and you can clear out any debris that may have been left under your homes foundation!


We can build any size home/ office/building you wish "on site" or "portable."


Call us NOW for more information about our quality and proven products and services.

Paul Winston


Priscilla Talley



Flooding has become a huge National problem creating devastation in  every area of our Country.  

By placing homes on our floatation systems you will become flood proof and Earth Quake Resistant.'


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 Paul Winston, (Innovator and Chief Executive of Winston International) has now designed his Land Locked Floating Homes to also beEarthquake Resistant and affordable.